Roofing Deliveries Made Easy - The Best Shingle Elevator / Safety Hoist on the Market
Roofing Deliveries Made Easy - The Best Shingle Elevator / Safety Hoist on the Market

Our History


Powr Ladder...


An idea born out of necessity. Always was and Always will be Made in AMERICA


The first POWR LADDER was designed and patented over 50 years ago. Eldon Otto was an experienced roofer but needed an easier, safer and more efficient way to get materials on a roof rather than hand carrying them up a ladder. This was especially true on large jobs.


In 1955 Eldon Otto, my Father, began to design and test the motorized conveyor called POWR LADDER. The early test elevators were made of wood, chain, sprockets and shafts. The challenge he faced back then is the same as we face today, keeping the Powr Ladder light weight yet durable enough to take a beating. In 1963 Eldon Otto completed the project and received a patent. He later obtained the trademark for POWR LADDER.


Several years later the POWR LADDER HOIST was developed as a steel frame that mounts the Elevator to a flatbed or trailer. This offered a great alternative to expensive and many times dangerous Boom Trucks. 


Powr Ladders and Hoists have been sold to 48 of the 50 states and several other countries. Our early affilation with the various Lumbermen's Associations were a great way to promote our company and offer their members a more economical way to make roofing deliveries. Keeping workers from climbing ladders with a payload became an OSHA standard. In the past 50 years, disasters such as Huricane Katrina and mid-west Tornados created instant demand for lumber yards to deliver much needed materials - it is Powr Ladder they rely on. Thank you for sharing a few tidbits of our history and for your interest in Powr Ladder, Kevin Otto

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