Roofing Deliveries Made Easy - The Best Shingle Elevator / Safety Hoist on the Market
Roofing Deliveries Made Easy - The Best Shingle Elevator / Safety Hoist on the Market

The POWR LADDER™ ELEVATOR is your most valuable asset for Easier Roofing Deliveries.

 Powr Ladder utilizes the same basic design it patented over 50 years ago.

Several improvements such as recycled plastics have enhanced strength and durability but not at the sacrifice of extra weight.

In 2005 a Deluxe Model was introduced offering larger shafts and maintenance free bearings greatly improving the lift system.

The frame of the Powr Ladder is made of heavy duty industrial aluminum.

There are two industrial chains that run the length of the conveyor.

Carrier Plates are attached to the chain to convey material up or down in a continuous revolution.

Acts as a Great Safety Hoist.

Quick Set Ups: Get On and Off the job site fast.


Safety: You don’t want your employees falling or injuring their backs carrying materials up a ladder. (Neither does OSHA)


Durability: American Made, Hand Assembled,  Most of our customers are saying their elevators are still in use after 10, 15, and even 20 years.


Versatility: Shingles, felt rolls, plywood, solar panels, insulation, boxes of warehouse materials, etc.


Powr Ladder is the #1 Recommended    Roofing Conveyor for storm damage reconstruction. Hurricanes, Tornados, Hale, High winds and Rain all create very quick, high demand.

Elevator Info:

- 1/2 HP Industrial Duty Weather Proof Electric Motor   

        Motor runs on standard 110 current.

- Elevator weighs from 150 to 240 Lbs. depending on size ordered.

- Powr Ladders deliver a minimum of 9 bundles a minute.

- Duty Rating for the Powr Ladder is 250 Lbs. per Paddle.

- Powr Ladders are one piece units that we offer in lengths

from 12 to 24 feet / (2 foot increments)

- One year warranty against defects due to workmanship

and materials.

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