Roofing Deliveries Made Easy - The Best Shingle Elevator / Safety Hoist on the Market
Roofing Deliveries Made Easy - The Best Shingle Elevator / Safety Hoist on the Market



Convert any Flatbed or Trailer into a boom truck! "For a LOT LESS Money"



*The Hoist is secured to the Truck Bed via a 4" Hole cut.


*The Hoist is Easily Removed when you need your Truck for other purposes.


*Elevator can also be Removed from Hoist for Stand Alone Use                 (Versatility)


Deliveryman Jacking Elevator Into Position






*3 Ton Manual Jack:      Means No-Extra Hydraulic Hook-Up Needed



*Raise Horizontal to Vertical in Seconds



*Swivels 360 Degrees

Delivery was made in 17 Minutes and that included "Fishing" stories.



Powr Ladder w/ Hoist Picture



The Old Flatbed ran pretty good so this Iowa Lumber Yard converted it into their Roofing Delivery Vehicle.


"No special License needed like the Scissor Truck we used. Now any employee can grab it and go."

"I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to install."

New customer - Alabama Lumber Co

Flyer showing benefits to have a Truck Mounted Frame that Hydraulically lifts Powr Ladder greatly reducing material handling.
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