Roofing Deliveries Made Easy - The Best Shingle Elevator / Safety Hoist on the Market
Roofing Deliveries Made Easy - The Best Shingle Elevator / Safety Hoist on the Market



Convert any Flatbed or Trailer into a boom truck! "For a LOT LESS Money"



*The Hoist is secured to the Truck Bed via a 4" Hole cut.


*The Hoist is Easily Removed when you need your Truck for other purposes.


*Elevator can also be Removed from Hoist for Stand Alone Use                 (Versatility)


Deliveryman Jacking Elevator Into Position






*3 Ton Manual Jack:      Means No-Extra Hydraulic Hook-Up Needed



*Raise Horizontal to Vertical in Seconds



*Swivels 360 Degrees

Delivery was made in 17 Minutes and that included "Fishing" stories.



Powr Ladder w/ Hoist Picture

"I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to install."

New customer - Alabama Lumber Co

Flyer showing benefits to have a Truck Mounted Frame that Hydraulically lifts Powr Ladder greatly reducing material handling.
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